How To

Bardia National park is situated in the low land of the Terai Region, 600km away from Katmandu.

To join us by bus, from Pokhara or Katmandu, take a bus (preferably a Deluxe) heading west (Dangadhi, Mahendranagar...) and go down in Ambassa (15hours) where the last 13km of dirt road will lead you to the national park entrance and to our lodge.

Give us a ring the day before and when you pass Kohalpur so we will come pick you up in Ambassa.

From Katmandu, (no flight from Pokhara...), visitors can take a 1 hour domestic flight to Nepalgunj airport. From there, Bardia National park is 80km away. Visitors can call us so we come pick them up with our private vehicule or take a bus westward from the airport chowk and stop in Ambassa.

"Please, don't forget to let us know in advance about your arrival. You will find our contact details at the bottom of this page."